When you hire McCain Norris Design you will receive one on one consultations to help turn your idea into a beautiful functional reality. Our clients enjoy the personal attention and level of expertise our team provides.

We provide free consultations . Use this opportunity to help plan cost, timelines, and other resources required. We would love to hear from you.


We have provided technical expertise for new construction in Winter Park for over 20 years and want to use our experience to help create the perfect addition to your home.

Let us be your team from blueprint to first use!


There are plenty of reasons to want to add on to a preexisting home. Whether you are making new additions to the family, want a modern office, or anything in between, we will provide solutions to allow you to focus on the details that will make the space perfect for you.


11% of people between the ages of 35-55 say that ADA accessibility is important in a home according to the NAR in 2015. We can help make the changes necessary to ensure everyone in your family feels safe and at home.


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